How To Save Money on Summer Travel

Summer travel season is about to get into high gear, and with gas prices and airfares what they are, many people are rethinking their vacation plans, or opting for a local “staycation” instead. Before you scrap your getaway idea, consider these 6 ways to save money on summer travel.

  1. Stop & Shop Gas Rewards. Now, when you use your Stop & Shop card, you can earn points, called Stop & Shop Gas Rewards, that save you money on gas. For every dollar you spend at Stop & Shop, you earn a point on your card. For every 100 points you earn, you save 10ยข/gallon on gas. Visit stop& for details and terms and conditions.
  2. Get creative and don’t follow the crowd. If you’re just looking to get away, but don’t have a destination in mind, think about where most people go during the summer months, then plan to go elsewhere. During the summer months, Aruba offers 30 to 40 percent off normal hotel rates. You can also find some great summer discounts in Las Vegas, where the temperate averages around 100 degrees. Just plan on

Guide To Be Tourist in Your Own Country

Even though millions of tourists visit the UK each year, it’s easy for local residents to take the country’s brilliant scenery for granted. Instead of spending your life savings on an expensive overseas vacation, you can see some of the world’s most incredible sights right here at home. There are a variety of splendid holiday options right in your back garden – read on to discover what you’re missing.

Firstly, some of the best British holidays take place among the tranquil beauty of the Scottish highlands. As the UK’s northernmost region, the highlands offer stunning scenery in a truly remote setting. Whether it’s an exciting boat ride around the famous Loch Ness in search for the illustrious Nessie or simply enjoying a pint among locals in a cosy Scottish pub, you can personalise your highlands holiday for optimal enjoyment.

Over at the opposite end of the country are two of the best English counties for a relaxing domestic holiday – Devon and Cornwall. You can get to know the southwest corner of Britain by exploring the National Marine Aquarium, the famous Dartington Crystal headquarters, Dartmoor

All About Online Business Travel

The term “staycation” is a paradox in itself. It has the word “stay” in it, which is the total opposite of the other half of the word-vacation, which means to spend time away from home. However, the amalgamation of both terms brings out a new meaning, and it’s something quite a lot of people do these days, and that is to have some semblance of vacation while staying in. If flying out to another destination is a hassle, or when a weekend getaway at the beach costs an arm and a leg, spending the day in a place close to home, or at a place that’s homey enough could be the best option.

Since staying in has become a new way to spend leisure time, it would be wise to start investing in timesharing. Whether it’s for your personal use, or for online business travel, it will take a while before this trend gets old. A timeshare property is a place or resort that actually allows investors to purchase rights to own that property for a period of time. The customers could either own a property for a specific time each year,

How To Have Fun at Beach Vacation Close Home

There are all sorts of ways that you and your family can choose to spend your vacation time. However, in this day and age where people are increasingly trying to save money, many people are forgoing the pricey trips to the other side of the country and opting, instead, to stay closer to home. Staying close to home will let you save money on travel costs and since the New Jersey beach resorts cost less than resorts in southern states, you’ll be able to enjoy a fun vacation without spending a lot of money.

Get Away Without Going Far From Home

Too often, people think they need to travel a long way to have a good time on vacation. The adults want to relax, while the kids want to run off and play. The amusement parks and other budget-friendly activities can be a fun place to hold Wildwood NJ group events and offer something for everyone.

As most people know, hundreds upon thousands of people flock from neighboring states such as New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Rhode Island to head south during the colder winter months, never realizing that they can have just as great of a time in their own backyard!

Tricks To Take a Staycation

This year the new buzzword in vacations is the ‘Staycation.’ With the increase in fuel prices, plus the economic downturn, many people are looking at the annual vacation as a luxury instead of a well-deserved holiday. If it isn’t the high price of operating a car or recreational vehicle it is the lack of available funds stemming from job layoffs or other decreases in household cash flow.

However, everyone needs a bit of down time and the economic woes and increased cost of traveling is not keeping everyone down. A ‘Staycation’ is taking a holiday close to home or, in some cases, staying right at the residence. The only difference is that the fun happens without traveling far.

The first large of ‘staycations’ began abruptly after September 11, 2001. The urge to travel locally stemmed from the fear of traveling long distances due to the paranoia of ‘unfriendlies’ harming the vacationers. It seemed like there were terrorists everywhere. People began canceling reservations in favor of taking day trips rather than flying to a far destination. An offshoot of this disaster is that the U.S. requires its own citizens to have passports or other official certification to travel to destinations like Canada

How To Make Affordable Vacation

Everyone seems to be talking about staycations these days. It is one of the many buzz words in this uncertain economy. But what is a staycation? A staycation is a vacation or getaway in the area that you live. The idea is, since you are taking advantage of resources in “your own backyard,” you save on airfare, travel and even lodging.

Great staycation deals may be found all around you. When planning your staycation, first decide if you want a “city getaway” or a more laid back country or resort feel to your staycation. People who live near major metropolitan cities are fortunate to have both as viable options while still being able to maintain their staycation budget. One can often take a 1-2 hour drive outside a major city and take advantage of all sorts of deals. Depending on where you live, you may even be able to get to the beach! How’s that for a staycation?

Or limit your drive and take advantage of attractions in your city or neighborhood. I can’t tell you the number of people that I have met that live in or near a major city and have never visited the city’s attractions. Live near

How To Organize Our Staycation

Q: My family usually takes a summer vacation, away from home. And while we have a lot of fun, we usually come home broke, exhausted and not ready to go back to work. I’ve heard a little about “stay-cations” and that they’re good for my budget.

A: Vacations away from home can cost a lot of money and energy. Stay-cations have recently become very popular because of the downturn in the economy and the higher cost of gas during the summer. A stay-cation is a vacation where you and your family get to relax at home and enjoy day trips close to home.

You have the opportunity to visit local parks, museums, festivals and attractions. You save money on accommodations because you can sleep in your own bed every night. You save time and money on transportation because you can ride, walk or cycle to local attractions. You can also save on your food costs by having breakfast at home, packing picnic lunches and enjoying dinner at home. One way to save even more is to look for deals at local attractions, such as two-for-one discounts; children get in free; or package deals.

Your stay-cation could include a BBQ, relaxing on your

Things You Should Bring When Day Trip To The Beach

Spending the day at the beach is one of the best ways to enjoy the sun, sand and waves. And you can make your day even better by bringing the right supplies along to be sure that you have everything that you need throughout the day. Here are a few beach supplies that I like to bring with me:

Toiletries: Sunscreen is a must when you are out in the sun all day. Lather up to be sure that you are preventing sunburns. I also like to bring a wide-brimmed hat to shade my face from the sun and also some lip balm and sunglasses.

Entertainment: Frisbees, volleyballs, and sand castle building supplies are always fun to have at the beach. Or if you are looking for a relaxing day, bring along a good book to read and an mp3 player for music. Depending on the beach, you may also consider bringing along snorkeling gear so that you can spend some time viewing the beauty that lies beneath the water.

Food: You can bring food along, or buy it near the beach. I usually bring a cooler with some cold drinks, sandwiches, and snacks. Any other type of snacky food works great,

Explore Your Town

A staycation is the newest way to have a great trip without actually leaving. Vacationing from home is a way to have a holiday without spending the big bucks, or only spending them on the things that count. The things that increase the costs of a holiday dramatically are travel and accommodation. Whether you’re booking a flight or renting a car, it all adds up. With a staycation, you’re just staying at home, so you need not worry about how to get there. The same goes for accommodation, you don’t have to worry about it.

To get the most out of vacationing in your own town, you could fork out for a five star hotel and still come out in the black. But you could also have a holiday at home by staying in your home and not having to worry about spending more money. If the weather is nice enough, you can camp outside in your own back yard. Lock up the house and give the keys to a neighbour or friend, and spend the time with your family in the great outdoors. With these holidays you can take your kids or partner on a nature walk or spend

Make Vacation Activities at Home

With gas prices sky-rocketing, stay-cations seem to become more popular. Log onto the internet and visit your states website. I am sure there are pages of activities that could spark your interest. Being with your family and not being burdened with enormous bills when you return from your stay-cation, is a stress reliever first hand. Your family can find a wide range of activities that could entertain each member of the group. Why not go to a park and take a picnic lunch and dinner. Play or learn a new game. Tennis, soccer, baseball, softball, swimming, mountain climbing, bike riding, hiking, fishing, golf, boating, hunting, comes to mind. How about a hobby? Bird Watching, gardening, landscaping, and ponds (with or without fish). However, ponds with fish can become costly if not done properly. Like the atmosphere of a hotel? Try taking a couple hours drive and stay at a hotel along the way. Go exploring. Find new shops (window shopping), craft stores, maybe a different restaurant you are not familiar with.

Contact your states travel bureau and find if there are any hiking trails or bike trails in your area. Go camping at a nearby camp site and meet new

The Perks of a Saving Money When Staycation

Those who put in plus-40-hour workweeks certainly deserve their time off, even if their paychecks do not allow for a luxury vacation. Since most homeowner’s know that their mortgage represents the largest financial commitment they have made in their lifetime, a staycation will help them get their money’s worth.

Since a vacation for a family of four can cost thousands of dollars and can by anything but relaxing, more families are opting to stay at home. Here are some tips that can make a staycation your best holiday ever:

  • Set a Budget: Just because you are staying at home does not mean that you should spend every penny possible on entertainment. Picking a number and sticking to it will make your break both enjoyable and easy on your wallet
  • Disconnect: Getting into vacation mode is part of the staycation experience and logging out of technology can help. Make sure to put a vacation message on your email account, tell everyone you will be out of town for a week and enjoy your freedom.
  • Make a List: One summer, a New York couple on a tight budget planned their staycation around every NYC they wanted to visit. Since they did not need to pay

Getaway On Staycations

If you’re like most people, the end of January is just the time of the year when you get a little stir crazy. The seemingly endless snowstorms, extreme temperatures, and let’s face it, the post-holiday slump, combine to create an overwhelming gloomy mood. It’s the perfect time to change the mood in your home with an easy, cost effective vacation. Unlike typical getaways, this one requires little to no traveling. With a little creativity, you and your loved ones will soon see those frowns turned upside down!

See the Sights
Are you guilty of living in an area rich with history and culture that you’ve never explored? We’re constantly traveling here, there, everywhere to visit famous museums, restaurants and cities, neglecting those in our own backyards! It’s a no-brainer, but try to check out the local offerings near or within your town. Do a little bit of research and compile a list of must-sees, including both family-friendly and adult-centered activities. This is your chance to finally check out that to-die-for steakhouse or let your inner child play at the local rock climbing wall or pottery class.

Go ‘Au Natural’
We don’t mean give up deodorant and shampoos, but we do

Making Riding Public Transportation For Fun

Riding public transportation for fun — it sounds crazy, right? Public transit, whether buses, trains, or other modes of transit, are hardly what most people think of when they think of entertainment. Yet public transit, even in areas with relatively poor or sparse transit service, offers an outstanding and inexpensive way to have fun while exploring your city, region, or neighborhood.

Transit is inexpensive:

Rates and fares for public transit vary regionally and from city to city, and also vary based on distance travelled and mode of transportation, but the rates tend to be pretty close to rock bottom, especially when compared to other forms of entertainment. Want to see a movie in the theater? Expect to drop $10 per person, even if you don’t buy any food. Want to go out to eat? Unless you are getting fast food, $5-7 is on the cheap end of things. And if you want something major like a theme park, a fancy restaurants, or tickets to an opera, symphony, or theater performance, expect to pay through the nose.

Public transport is dirt cheap. It ranges from free in some areas to at most $20 for long-distance train travel. If you’re talking a bus or

Being Tourist in Your Own Backyard

Everyone is in need of a little down time every now and then. But when a vacation isn’t in the cards, sometimes a stay-cation will have to do. The lucky residents of Lexington, KY don’t have to look any further than their own backyard for a respite. Why not plan a day of touristy attractions? Or have shopping day? The opportunities are endless in Lexington. What better way to appreciate and learn about all the things to do in Lexington than by seeing it through new, relaxed and refreshed eyes.


Start the day off with a little retail therapy. Shopping in Lexington is never dull, and ranges from charismatic boutiques to large shopping malls. It’s easy to find bargain-prices and upscale designer wares, classic styles and fashionable trends. There are plenty of national retailers and locally owned stores alike, and it doesn’t just stop at clothing. Shelia’s Fine Jewelry is located in The Shops at Lexington Center, and is a favorite for unique and luxury custom-designed jewelry. The quaint Clay Avenue Shops, just off Main Street, sell everything from fine linens to children’s clothing. Feel like dropping some serious dough, and in the market for something a little more… interesting?

How To Making the Most of Your Staycation

Trying to rein in spending this summer? This year, forgo the pricey vacation and opt for the cheap and cheerful staycation. Staycations can be a surprisingly fun alternative, if you put a little planning and effort into it. Dial down the day-to-day drudgery and schedule in loads of exciting activities – and your holiday will be a resounding success!

Drop the Routine:

  • Treat work the same as you would, when out of the country. Can’t avoid being ‘on call’? Keep it to emergencies. Otherwise it isn’t a proper vacation.
  • Take care of household chores beforehand, or afterwards. A relaxing holiday doesn’t include laundry, cleaning and grocery shopping.
  • Clear the family calendar. Take a break from regularly scheduled obligations, classes and sports. Replace with fun-filled, group activities.
  • Set appropriate expectations within your social circle i.e. you’ll be unreachable for the duration, or responding to urgent issues only.

Switch Off Electronics:

  • Utilize ‘out-of-office’ settings on computers and phones. Others will be less likely to panic when you don’t respond instantly.
  • Turn off the idiot box. PVR your favourite programs and catch up afterwards; Or better yet, prove that you can live without TV for a week or two.
  • Ditch the video games. Leave the virtual world behind and enjoy some

How To Packing Smart

You’ve prepared for money problems, health problems, and any other life problems you can think of, but now you’re sitting in the middle of your new living room surrounded by boxes and you don’t know where to start. Relocating can be stressful, and when all is said and done, you don’t want to have to worry about finding an outfit to wear the next day because you don’t know where anything is. I provide you with some good tips and advice to give you a boost!

First, it is important to decide what you need to bring. Moving is an opportunity to sort through some f the clutter you have accumulated. I recommend a three-pronged approach: Give, Throw, Pack. Sort your items based on what you can/should give away, throw away, and pack up for you new life. Not everything has to be saved and you can often capture the memories of the item without having to keep it by taking a picture of it. Photos, especially digital, take up a lot less room than your favorite sweater from college that you will never wear again; there may be someone out there who could really use that sweater and by

Tips to Enjoy the Summer at Home

In recent years, the state of the economy has had a large impact on our vacation plans. Many of us now have a limited budget, or depleted our savings, so that vacation plans are now “non-existent”. At this point, the most difficult decision for most of us is choosing where to go on such limited funds.

In the past, many families took a week- long trip to a resort, took a cruise or flew somewhere, together. Today, however, because of rising fuel costs, hotel expense, and a large food bill away from home, “staycations” are quite popular.

Choosing a staycation is a common option, now. When you do choose to stay home, you still want to make it memorable for your children, and you want the experience to be fun. Here are a few ideas to make your staycation more exciting.

Ideas for Staycations:

Take a Trip to the Big City. How many times have you visited the capital of your state? Take an educational and free trip to the capital. Whether it is your state, or a neighboring state, if it’s new to you it can be a fun experience.

If you call ahead (at your local government office), you may can

Why You Should Take a Daycation

A daycation is simply a day vacation. It’s a close cousin of the “staycation,” with the advantage that at just one day it requires very little planning. Is it sounding appealing yet?

But before you get too carried away, it’s worth pointing out the ironic twist in taking a daycation: in our fast-paced, whirlwind lives the thought of taking a day off can sometimes make us feel anxious.

But wait! That’s not what vacation is supposed to do!

Maybe we feel like there are too many people counting on us or that we may compromise our responsibilities. Maybe we feel guilty about taking a day off when everyone else has to show up for work.

If we can get past that, the appeal of a daycation is self-evident:

  • Small commitment
  • Minimal planning
  • Affordable or free

So let’s be honest: The only thing stopping us from taking a daycation is… you got it: US.

When you think about what might be stopping you from taking a day off, really think about what you feel you would jeopardize. Start by taking a little time to think about any feelings of guilt, fear or anxiety. You can even write them down to look at them objectively. Then ask yourself: “Realistically, will


Tricks For Stay Getting Away From It All

I have just booked a holiday, the kind of holiday I have never booked before… an all inclusive week long spa break. I have almost always gone away in search of something; adventure, creativity, exploration (of self and the world), romance, culture, learning… but now I know all this is available on my own doorstep I feel less of a need for a holiday and strangely, I feel like I need to need this kind of holiday!

This got me thinking and in a recent survey I did in my own head, it seems that many people reach a certain point, let’s call it a breaking point, and decide they need a holiday. The ten main reasons for going on holiday, according to the aforementioned survey, were as follows;

1) Need to get away from work/life stress

2) To relax

3) To get quality time with loved ones

4) Habit – “we always get away at this time of year.”

5) A break from the norm

6) A new experience/different culture

7) To have some fun – nightlife, a sporting event, or just an adventure.

8) To get some sun/a tan (so that you can feel happy/look healthy)

9) It’s on my bucket list – “I’ve always wanted to

Guide for Renting a Villa

Are you still trying to decide what you should do for your family’s vacation this summer? There’s no need to tell you that time is of the essence as summer is the peak time of year when most families visit the popular travel destinations, especially in Europe. One of the key things you’ll need to consider is what kind of lodging would make the most sense for your family’s situation. If you haven’t decided on where you want to stay, may I suggest looking into a luxury villa?

Villas in Tuscany and other areas in Europe allow families to have a little bit of home in a new location. As you’re in a different place with different customs than you’re used to, a villa may provide the familiarity your family’s desires to be comfortable – this is especially the case for the younger ones. Luxury villas offer a variety of amenities, including a kitchen, laundry room, pool, garden and more. In addition, the rental owner can provide you with advice and tips on where you should stay.

However, no two luxury villas are the same. That’s why it’s important to be mindful of several factors when looking at luxury villas. Here